My intention.

To simply put it, I want to meet other creatives. I believe that to be interesting, you must be interested in people. Luckily, I am fascinated by people and how their stories have led to their present selves. Recently, I discovered a superpower I have at my disposal is communication. Being able to listen, engage and empathize is a fundamental skill that is often neglected as a beginning designer. In order to hone that skill, I have decided to document and narrate the stories of inspirational creatives. Coffee with a creative started as a way for me to strike up the “let’s talk design” discussion without awkwardly having to say “I have been observing you for awhile now…” But now, I would like to evolve this blog into a place that I can actively describe conversations I have with my seniors while also seizing the opportunity to improve my professional development as a creative. Every encounter is an opportunity to grow, but also connect as people. Through my eyes, you will be able to join meaningful conversations I have with both professionals and amateurs of the creative industry. The blog will have my insights while also describing my personal relationship with them and what I have learned from them as we crossed paths at that point of my career.

My name is Mable and I am the visual storyteller and voice for Coffee with a Creative.

Who is a creative?

A creative, by my definition, is someone who understands that the world constantly shapes us, and as creatives, we also get to shape the world. The definition of creativity varies among people, especially among students who are pursuing design and are still the early stages of discovering their contribution to the world. As beautifully stated by Frank Chimera in his book Shape of Design, “design is an opportunity to produce something that enhances someone else’s life” therefore design is an opportunity for delight. What it means to be a fulfilled creative is to be able to improve the quality of someone else’s life. With that being said, anyone who gives back to world –whether it be through design, art, illustration, or whichever artistic medium they prefer– is considered a creative.

Why coffee?

There are many places where I can have these conversations, so why at a coffee shop? The most inspirational place for me is at a coffee shop, where I often sit for hours searching for inspiration in the aromatic scent of grounded coffee beans and the delicate sound of clinking coffee cups behind the counter. After visiting various coffee shops on my own time, I realized that people visit coffee shops as a self-care time, where they often unwind or catch up with long time friends with laid-back conversations. That is why I believe the best conversations happen over a cup of coffee and therefore wanted to set this type of tone for my conversations. So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s listen to the stories of the inspiring people I’ve had the pleasure to have crossed paths with.

The Vision

What is the long-term purpose of this? I think it would be interesting to see how my mind develops from the start of my career in my 20’s (I am 22 now) to the end of my 20’s. Upon graduation, I read a book by Meg Jay, called “The Defining Decade,” where she states that our twenties are the most defining decade in terms of career, love and self-development– and I couldn’t agree more. As Winston Churchill once said, “to improve is to change, to be perfect is to have changed often.”

I hope that through this blog, I am able to learn, grow and thrive in novelty and exploration by pushing my comfort zone during my defining decade. The way this blog is written is to show how my insight on these conversations and how I react to it might change a few years down the line. I end every article with an interpretation of the conversation and one lesson I learned from my encounter. It would be amazing if I could release a book documenting these experiences years from now to acknowledge and thank the valuable inspirations who have guided my career. I also look forward to documenting my mental growth as a creative and how I might evolve into the future me. I have big plans, and I don’t want to forget my small beginnings.