As a graphic designer for Associated Students at UCSB, I design for a diverse range of organizations. Through these clients, I have also been scouted as a freelance graphic designer for outside businesses as well. Here are some of my favorites.

SS805 is a UCSB korean pop dance group that was looking to redesign a logo. Their request was to maintain the color maroon and emulate a more modern and clean look.I designed the logo to represent the "S" "8" and "5" in one symbol. The line down the center represents the "0".

Pardall Center is considered "The Heart of Isla Vista". It prides itself for providing a free study/work, meeting, event space and resource for the entire community. Located in the center of Isla Vista, a neighboring college community to UCSB, the institution requested a new logo that presented a "comfortable" and "welcoming vibe". I designed a simplistic version of the current building and included a warm gradient for the windows to depict the inviting brand they wanted to achieve.

Students For Environmental Justice is a new organization that advocates for environmental initiatives. They requested to include a tree and a justice symbol to represent their name. I provided the organization with two different logos–one with a torch and one with a justice scale. The organization decided to select the second one.

The A.S. Global Gaucho Commission is a body funded concerned with providing a positive and comfortable learning environment for international students.The request for this logo was to include a global element while incorporating a beach, a trait UCSB is well known for. I designed the "G" in global to act as a sphere and placed a beach inside of the G.

CAB Community Volunteer Foundation issues grants for ongoing service-based programs or projects that foster greater awareness regarding social, educational, economic, and environmental issues. The request was to include "helping hands". I incorporated two circles that encompassed two hands. The color blue was selected based on it's association with depth and stablity.

The Creative Media Unit is a team of staff and student graphic designers, videographers and web developers that provide creative publicity for Associated Student organizations. The request was to redesign the logo to a vintage camera. This logo was ultimately rejected, however it remains as one of my favorites.